Tracey Dixey Dental Hygienist 

I have worked in the dental industry for 17 years.  I started as a dental assistant, and continued further study 12 years ago to become a
Dental Hygienist. 

My first job as a hygienist was in Darwin where I worked in a general dental practice for 3 years.  During this time I provided quality care and service to people of all ages, and educated people on the importance of good oral hygiene and regular preventive care.  I also used this opportunity to redefine the way the practice managed patients with gum disease, and implemented a program where patients could have their gum disease treated and maintained within the general practice.  This has been a very successful program, and I have introduced it into all other practices that I have worked in.

I returned to Adelaide and continued my career in a general dental practice in Golden Grove for 6 years, where I met Dr Michael Mitric. During this time I got married and had 2 children – James (2009) and Maddie (2010).  I was then looking for a new challenge. 

3 years ago I started working at Paralowie Dental Service with Dr Michael Mitric and Dr Genevieve Mitric.  I enjoy working in a practice that provides a high level of service and quality care.  I continue to promote good oral health and preventive care, and I am passionate about helping people to keep their teeth for life.  I have successfully implemented my program for treatment of gum disease, and I also enjoy helping people to improve the appearance of their teeth with teeth whitening

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