Do you have sensitive teeth? Does hot or cold food and drink make you cringe?

We can help you beat sensitivity with Sensodyne Rapid Relief.

Excessive brushing, gum disease and acidic food and drinks can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Using Sensodyne Rapid Relief can ease the pain and let you enjoy everyday things.

We also stock a variety of GC Tooth Mousse’s that can help strengthen and protect your teeth. GC Tooth Mousse can be helpful if:

  • Tooth decay or teeth decay
  • Sensitive teeth
  • You have erosions or wear
  • If you suffer from a dry mouth
  • You have an acidic oral environment
  • And a number of other benefits

If you have sensitive teeth feel free to discuss this issue with any of our dentists. We are more than happy to help guide you through the best solutions to manage and or fix the issue. You can contact the dental clinic on 08 8280 9611 or if you just require information you can email us on:

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