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Here at Paralowie Dental Service we strive to help you maintain full functionality of your teeth and gums. Making sure you have a bright vibrant smile though your whole life.

How do we do this? We do this by educating our clients from a young age where possible, but by educating our customers on the best ways to look after your teeth & your gums.

Your personal dental hygiene is of the up-most importance once you leave the clinic.

While studies show dental decay is on the rise. Our dentists will work with you to help you lower your risk of dental disease.

As part of your ongoing maintenance & dental hygiene at Paralowie Dental Service. We assess your teeth and gums for signs of early disease or decay and provide a routine quality care to keep you with a healthy smile.

We give you tips and tricks for having a correct brushing style and strokes, flossing & mouth washes.


How Often Should I Go To The Dentists?


All dentists will recommend dental check ups every 6 months, the main reason for this is to detect any decay or disease early on so that less painful treatments can be advised. 

We have all done it where we dont go to the dentist for a year or two and the work that has to be done to get everything back in order is always more extensive. By having regular check ups you lessen the risk of any unhealthy teeth or gums. 

We our a local business and value the community we are in we look forward to seeing our existing and new patients. To make a booking please contact us on (08) 8280 9611