Do you need your dentures replaced? Do you need new dentures? Either way, we can help you or your loved one get their perfect smile back

full denturesDentures are a non-invasive way to replace missing teeth. Our dentures are made-to-measure to ensure a perfect fit for all patients. Dentures are not always for the elderly.

Depending on what has happened in your life you may need them at a younger age. Due to poor health, unforeseen accidents and so on.

If you are missing teeth, then a denture could help to fill the gap to ensure you have a full smile again. Missing teeth can cause your face to droop and make you appear older than you are.

A denture can fill the caps in your mouth to give you a full smile that allows you to still enjoy food and drink.

Dentures are removable false teeth, they can look like the images below.

At Paralowie Dental we have been fitting dentures for over 17 years to patients int he northern suburbs of Adelaide. If you are looking for expert dentists in this field, you have come to the right place. 

We can help with full dentures as well as partial dentures. 

partial dentures

The photos on this page help to show all types we can provide.

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