Looking for Crowns and Bridges? Trying to find the best dentist in the area to do it for you?


Then give Paralowie Dental a call. We have over 17 years experience with Crowns and bridges. We take nearly all health funds and have payment plans if needed. 

What our dental crowns?

Crowns can be fitted over broken teeth and used with dental crowns1bridges, they are cemented onto the effected teeth and cannot be removed, unlike dentures. They are a great solution for replacing missing teeth.

Crowns are used as a cap for damaged teeth to strengthen them and ensure you do not have to have the whole tooth removed.

What our dental bridges?

dental bridgesBridges our similar to crowns in the sense that they cover the tooth. However a Bridge is made up of two ends covering the area. The photo bellow shows this in more detail. 

As you can see two teeth our used as anchor points and the middle tooth is the bridge. A bridge can go across several teeth. 

Our dentists will discuss with you your particular situation and what would be best for you.

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