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Skilled in working with children, our dental team offers achildrens-dental comprehensive set of services that include a routine oral examination, as well as a scale and clean. Using fluoride therapy, this is available for younger children as well as those of primary age and for high school students. There is no extra cost for this service, other than a health fund contribution, and we provide it half-price if the patient has no dental health cover at all.


Medicare Children’s Dentistry Benefits Schedule

Is your child eligible for up to $1,000 value of dental care?

We recommended children should receive their first dental check-up by aged 2 years of age. Our dental team can assist you to find out if your children can receive free dental care under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Please complete the form on the right and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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To book an appointment for your child please call the dental clinic on (08) 8280 9611