Do you have crooked teeth? Think you need braces? Give us a call!

Braces are the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth. Braces consist of bands, brackets and wires.

braces northern suburbs of adelaideThey are usually made of stainless steel and selected metal alloys. Clear brackets (made a tough ceramic) are used if the person wishes to display less metal, these braces usually cost more, but can be subject to health cover as well. 

Patients return about every 4 to 8 weeks for adjustments, wire changes and general inspection and cleaning of the treatment progress.

If you think you or your child needs to have corrective treatment please make an appointment to come see us. We can help guide you through the process. 

You can call the dental clinic and arrange an appointment with our dentists on (08) 8280 9611. Feel free to also view our other services we offer. More specifically if the brace are for your child you may be entitled to the children’s benefit scheme