At Paralowie Dental Service, we provide a range of quality dentistry services, including help following a sports injury. Teeth can be broken, chipped or knocked out during sport and if this happens to you, then it’s best to contact us immediately to avoid further issues.

Wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth and gums from impact during sport, but accidents will still happen and when they do, we’re here to help.




With more than a decade’s experience in the dentistry profession, Paralowie Dental Service can handle all types of sports-related dental problems. The treatment you receive will depend on the injury sustained, but we can fit crowns, bridges and veneers as required, as well as treating gums.

If your tooth is knocked out, we advise either placing it back in the socket, or putting it in milk until you get to the clinic. Meanwhile, a cracked or broken tooth can ultimately cause gum problems, including infections, if left untreated, which will have a detrimental impact on your oral health. So, whatever the injury, please get in touch with us as early as possible.

At Paralowie Dental Service, we’re committed to providing an efficient and effective set of dental services, and when it comes to sports injuries, we’ll always have the right solution for you. Call us today on 08 8280 9611 for more information about our dentistry services in Paralowie.